Friday, 21 June 2013

Designer spotlight: Kat Maconie

A few seasons ago, I spied a gorgeous pair of chunky heels with jewellery-like metal accents at London Fashion Week. After a few weeks of research, I nailed down the designer – Kat Maconie. I’ve been following Kat’s career for a while now but inexplicably I haven’t shared this on Fashion Daydreams. Shame on me! For those who are unfamiliar with Kat’s work, she is a London College of Fashion alumni who studied shoe design and went onto work as a stylist for various magazines as well as buying, design and product development for the likes of Tomasz Starzewski and Whistles.

In 2009, she set up her own label, which fuses fashion and function, taking inspiration from jewellery and trims. Heavily inspired by British antiques and vintage markets, the devil is in the detail, each pair includes the Kat Maconie signature gold screw feature and luxury ‘mould to measure’ insoles – who can resist a pair of comfy heels?!

The price points are surprisingly affordable, with most of the collection hovering between £150-250, on par with Kurt Geiger. I prefer Kat’s ultra-modern,  severe and striking aesthetic to Kurt Geiger, which tends to be fairly safe and highstreet (and not completely deserving of the high price point). Kat’s shoes actually tick all my shoe boxes – they’re a certified statement shoe but simple enough to be versatile and therefore justify the price tag, we all operate on a cost-per-wear model, right?

Here are my top 5 Kat Maconie heels. Eenie, meenie, minie, mo…


Sunday, 31 March 2013

Kurt Geiger's rocks and studs spring/summer 2013 collection

I am utterly obsessed with Kurt Geiger's Spring/Summer collection for one reason, the subtle sprinkling of studs. I'm so predictable, add some studs or sequins to a shoe and they'll be on my feet before you can say "I'll have those in a size 6". Rather than all over studs which looks a bit old and dated now, the studs are primarily on heels and toes for a more subtle look. Here are my favourites from the collection. 

Left to right:
Esme by KG By Kurt Geiger - £160
Vex by KG By Kurt Geiger - £156.90
Culprit by KG By Kurt Geiger - £120
Wild by KG By Kurt Geiger - £190

Friday, 29 March 2013

Julian Hakes' Mojito heels

I often talk about fashion being art and architectural influences in fashion but nothing epitomises this as much as Julian Hakes' Mojito heels. Two parts architectural design and one part shoe design, the Mojito heel looks more like a work of art than something you slip your feet in.

Created entirely by accident, architect Julian was trying to which parts of a shoe are actually needed to support the foot. As it happens, only the heel and ball of the foot need to be supported and everything else is surplus so Julian created a shoe made out of a single spiral supporting the entire foot - like the curl of a lime in a mojito. 

Since designing the first Mojito heels, Julian has collaborated with Ann Sofie Back Atelier and Ada Zanditon at London Fashion Week, been featured in Forbes, Vogue Italia and Elle and won the Drapers award for Best Footwear Designer 2012. Not bad for an architect playing footwear designer. What do you think of the Mojito heel? 

The Mojito heels are available at Sarenza

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Shoe of the week: Sawp by Ted Baker

When I think Ted Baker, I tend to think perfectly tailored suits with quirky linings and detailing rather than shoes but I have now seen the error of my ways. How jaw-droppingly stunning are these banana heel, snakeskin Sawp court shoes? They immediately made me think of the McQueen armadillo heels and that is never, ever a bad thing. I actually snapped these shoes up this week and they are even more beautiful in real life than the pictures. I think I'm allowed to indulge my court shoe addiction just this once, look at them, how could I not? What do you think of these Ted Baker heels? Are you a fan of their shoes?


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Shoe of the week: Cristal by KG Kurt Geiger

Last year, I went through a dark phase of my life. I got addicted to court shoes, there I said it. I somehow acquired shoes so many court shoes I've literally run out of space for them. I was a woman possessed. My rationale is that they're good work shoes (they are, by the way) but 20 pairs really is too much for just one person. The first step was admitting my problem and I'm now on a slow, day-by-day path to recovery. Some days are easier than others, especially when I find a pair of beautiful, shiny work wedges like these. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to wedges, I hate a chunky wedge but the heel on these KG by Kurt Geiger shoes is subtly tapered to give it a more elegant shape. What do you think of Cristal by Kurt Geiger? 


Thursday, 31 January 2013

Sam Edelman SS13 campaign with Kate Upton

Kate Upton is continuing her one woman quest for world domination at hyper speed. The Sports Illustrated favourite who began to crack high fashion in the latter part of 2012 has just scored a pretty sweet, super commercial deal. As the face/feet/body of Sam Edelman's spring/summer 2013 campaign, Kate is showing another facet of her versatility. Shot by David Lipman, the campaign features a glamorous kate lounging around in lingerie surrounded by shoes. With a feminine, old Hollywood feel, the campaign is absolutely stunning and shows Kate's more down-to-earth, accessible side. What do you think of the campaign? 


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Shoe of the week: Tattoo by Terry De Havilland

Terry De Havilland comes from a family of shoemakers, which is more than evident from his sculptural, signature design. He cut his first pair of shoes when he was on leave from National Service and by 1960, he was assisting at his father's shop. Although he's known for his beautiful wedges, I actually really love his boots and in particular these Tattoo boots. The hardwear on the boots is inspired by traditional tattoos and gives these otherwise ordinary black boots a badass, biker edge. My favourite part is the dagger heel, have you ever seen a heel look so cool? 


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Shoe of the week: Platforma by Eden

Brrrrr! We're in the depths of a very chilly Winter, a place where shoes are not welcome - this is a boots-only zone. I remember a time when knee high boots were all the rage but for the last couple of years, ankle boots have walked all over their warmer, more practical relative. So used to seeing and wearing ankle boots, I actually find it really hard to find knee boots which don't seem frumpy. I don't know whether it's the wedge heel, ruched detail or cut away at the top but the Platforma boots by Eden are right at the top of my shoe wish list. Are you a knee boots or an ankle boots kind of girl? 


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Shoe of the week: Steve Madden

Controversial I know, but I sometimes think party shoes are more important than party dresses. Judging from the parties I've been to so far, the majority of people are being typically unimaginative and sticking to LBDs...which is fine, I get that they're flattering but I'm not sure whether I'm at a party or a wake these days. All is forgiven if you pair the dress with a pair of killer heels. My two favourite footwear trends for the party season are metallics and neons. I spied these two stunning shoes from Steve Madden and I literally cannot choose between them. I love the simplicity and bling of the Deja Vu courts but also love the strap detailing and shot of neon on the Ariaa. What's your favourite? 

Steve Madden Deja Vu.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Shoe of the week: Kamlyn by Guess

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to go to the friends and family skate session at Somerset House's gorgeous outdoor ice rink - which you must visit, by the way. Unlike the ice rinks I went to as a kid, the boots are pretty awesome, super comfy and really sporty looking. As I wobbled across the ice, I noticed a few professional skaters gliding away in their pretty white lace up boots. Now, I am never going to be a good enough skater to earn those beauties but I can certainly emulate the look on more stable ground with the Kamlyn ankle boots by Guess. What do you think of these pretty boots? 


Thursday, 22 November 2012

What I really wore - Tamaris antishokk boots

Sterotypes are a funny thing, aren't they? Take being a fashion blogger for example, you're supposed to either be blogging away in your pjs or wearing impossible heels and inadvertently posing in a nonchalant manner. "Blogger" is only one of the hats I wear and as we hurtle towards Christmas at the speed of light, comfort has become key for every hat I wear. Looking at magazines, movies, tv shows and even other blogs, it does always seem that everyone is immaculate airbrushed perfection. Who realistically has time for that though? I'm certainly not the first but I just wanted to do a real outfit post with some of my comfy favourites which I threw on within minutes as I was running 20 minutes late for brunch - true story. 

What do you think of these glittery beauties? Not your average comfy flat boots, are they? As a certified heels girl, flats/practical shoes really aren't my thing but I absolutely adore the equestrian detailing and of course the glitter heel. There's more to the cute Constentine boots than meets the eye though; they are part of Tamaris antishokk collection which have built in shock absorbers which make them super duper comfy. They have built in pneumatic chambers and core stabilisers to soften the impact of each step - I've tried and tested them and personally vouch that they are the comfiest boots I've ever owned.

I've paired my boots with these amazing marble velvet leggings from Topshop and super cosy cardigan from I've accessorised with a gorgeous mustard and grey snood scarf by Buff and tan shopper from Medwinds.

What's your to-go outfit on busy days?

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