Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas x

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…just a few bloggers hastily typing up their final pre-Christmas posts! This creeps up on me every single year. Due to my day-job, I’m working on Christmas from May/June onwards so by the time December comes around, Christmas feels like a totally normal part of everyday life until, oops, the day itself is nearly here.

While I love planning gifts for my nearest and dearest with precision, I don't really like receiving gifts myself. I feel so lucky that I have so much already. For me, this is a time to give thanks be grateful rather than crave material things. I think this is particularly important this year, which has been pretty rough for everyone. It’s so easy to focus on your hardships rather than count your blessings. Right now, I’m thankful to still be here and to live a fairly privileged life, with a roof over my head and food n my belly. I feel rich because I’m surrounded by abundant love and the most incredibly supportive friends. Anything other than that is just extra. It’s nice to have nice things but if you don’t stop to appreciate how much you already have, what’s the point?

I used to love writing Christmas cards each year and posting them off to friends – it’s just so nice to receive proper post these days isn’t it? But this year, I’ve decided to put the money I would have spent on cards towards something much more meaningful. The crisis in Syria absolutely breaks my heart and I can’t quite comprehend that we live in a world which isn’t acting fast enough to stop the endless suffering in Aleppo and beyond. I decided to do something rather than being horrified at the news so I put the money I would have spent on cards and postage towards a donation to help those in need. I donated to Doctors Without Borders, you can read more about their work in Syria here.

I hope you all have a wonderful day whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I hope you have a restful, happy few days of rest with your loved ones and take the time to appreciate the people that make a difference to your life.


Friday, 20 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

Fashion Daydreams is going on a wee break over the festive period to recuperate from the fabulous festive parties as well as preparing for a new look in 2014. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones and get spoilt rotten by Santa. 

Lots of love, 


Sunday, 25 December 2011

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Shop the Spring/Summer 2011 trends in the sale

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely day with your families, eating lots, drinking lots and  generally being very merry. I will be spending the day rustling up breakfast for the family - about 10 of us - and watching movies while the parentals see to a huge Christmas feast. It's lovely when the whole family gets together, as we've all grown up it happens far too infrequently. Make sure you enjoy the day xx

There's always such a big build up to Christmas, it's very tempting to spend a couple of days recovering, slobbing out and eating leftovers. That is most certainly not what I will be doing on Boxing Day. I'll be up nice and early, creeping out of the house for the sales. I know most of them started before Christmas, but it's a little wrong to be snapping up bargains before the big day's over. It can be all too tempting to buy something, anything, just because it's cheap. My preferred tactic is to either stock up on classic pieces (hello Zara trousers) or next year's trends. It's easier to buy shapes or colours which to form the basis of your wardrobe. Of course there won't be lots of lovely floaty summer stuff about but quite a few Autumn/Winter trends made the transition to the Spring/Summer catwalk. There was lashing of black, tough biker touches as seen at Burberry, lightweight knits and cropped leather trousers a la Balmain. The latter is right at the top of my sale wish list. The other Spring/Summer 2011 trends I'm looking forward to are

Sheer - Alberta Ferretti
White - Alexander Wang
70s - Marc Jacobs
Brights - Jil Sander
Midi - Bottega Veneta
White lace - Alberta Ferretti
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