Saturday, 6 November 2010

Push PR SS11 press day

I'm sure you guys must know about Push PR by now, I only wrote about their Christmas press day last month. They have a great portfolio of small, independent brands such as Kandee shoes, Jasper Garvida, Upper Street, Nyla and Eastern Mystic so of course I wanted a sneak peek into what they had in store for us for next season. Here are my favourite pieces and things that have shot to the top of my lust list: 

Joomi Lim at Nyla Boutique

These gorgeous, badass studded pieces by new jewellery brand Joomi Lim caught my eye straight away. I loved the studded bracelets and also the pearl and stud necklaces for the contrast between prim pearls and kickass studs. These pieces will be available via Nyla, which is a new online boutique specialising in eclectic brands from New York and LA...hence Nyla! 

Upper Street

Upper Street was founded by sisters who basically got tired of trying to find the perfect shoe. Who hasn't been there?! They wanted to bring their own shoe designs to life, and Upper Street was born. It's not just an outlet for their own designs, anyone can log on and create their own beautiful, handmade shoes. They also collaborated with Jasper Garvida to create some stunning snakeskin gladiator sandals. They're on the far right-hand side, samples of Upper Street designs are displayed. 

Kandee shoes

I'm a big Kandee fan. It's quite amazing to think that the founder of the company is just 21 years old, I think Kandee shoes are really coming into their own and carving out a niche in the market. If anyone wants to get me the red sparkly pair, I'd love you forever! 

EC One

EC One is a jewellery boutique which started in Exmouth Market, hence the name. They have since opened a second boutique in Notting Hill and count the likes of Alexis Bittar and Alex Monroe among the brands stocked at this super little independent jewellery store. 

Jasper Garvida

I'm a pretty big Jasper fan, I covered his Spring/Summer 2011 collection in this post, so I won't write too much about it here. I took lots of detailed pictures to show the quality of the fabrics and those amazing gold disc sequins. 


Monday, 11 October 2010

Push PR Christmas press day

I'm assuming you're sitting down. That's a good thing. Ok, there are only 75 days left til Christmas 2010. I know Halloween hasn't even happened yet, but you can never start preparing too early. I've been caught out in a mad rush on Christmas Eve one too many times, learn from my mistakes kids! The lovely folks at Push PR invited me to their Christmas press day on Tuesday. Thankfully it was a very subtle Christmas soiree, yummy mini mince pies were the only giveaway thankfully, I don't think I could stomach Christmas trees and tinsel just yet. Push PR represent lots of gorgeous brands including Upper Street, Holistic Silk and one of my favourite London designers Jasper Garvida.  I saw a lovely selection of products available, including:

Jewellery by Vanya - Beautiful and dainty vintage inspired jewellery. I loved the swallows, letter/envelope and cameo details. Perfect for girly little sisters or friends. 

Eastern Mystic - At the other end of the jewellery spectrum, big and bold statement jewellery. I loved the blues and golds. A girl who loves a bit of luxe would love one of these necklaces.

Gilda & Pearl - This is the prettiest, most sumptuous lingerie I've seen in a long time. It's grown up and luxurious. Great for beautiful best friends. 

Holistic Silk - Following on from the luxe theme, Holistic Silk have got the perfect gifts for women who have everything. Silk lavender infused eyemasks and silk slippers are so luxe, not to mention the Rolls Royce of yoga mats. The silk and lined mats are so gorgeous they almost made me want to take up yoga, and I hate physical exercise!

Jasper Garvida & Kandee shoes - I love both these brands. I've seen Jasper's Autumn/Winter 2010 tons of times and I still love the panelling and details such as the oversize zips. I wrote about Kandee shoes very recently, the sky blue studded shoes were by far my favourite. I had a sneak peek at the metallic studded version which were amazing! These would be perfect for any fashion darling.

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