Fashion Daydreams has a diverse fashion-conscious readership who are often in search of inspiration, new labels and new websites to shop from. By purchasing an advert on here, you will be directly reaching a style conscious market.

Although I am open to advertising, it’s worth noting that I do so while maintaining the integrity of my blog and I do bear reader interest in mind when discussing potential advertising opportunities.

Fashion Daydreams Stats
  • Reach: 9,800 hits per month
  • Traffic: 16,000+ page views per month
  • Google Page rank: 4
  • Alexa Ranking in the top 2.95% of all websites
  • Alexa Inbound links 4,173
  • Google indexed pages: 251
Fashion Daydreams Services
  • Banner ads and text links – I offer a variety of sizes and forms of advertising. Prices are dependant on the size, type and position of your advertising needs. I offer discounts for a full year’s advertising.
  • Product reviews – I am happy to accept products for reviews, but my review will be fair and honest.  I do not accept paid reviews as I feel this would compromise my impartiality.
  • Giveaways – I love running giveaways for my readers.

 For further information, please contact Reena [at] Fashion Daydreams [dot] com.


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