Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Outfit Post: The Trouble With Trans-seasonal Dressing

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. Clear skies, crisp mornings and the beautiful shades of the falling leaves. London is at its most beautiful in Autumn (don't @ me). Summer in London is glorious but the buildings and transport are not built for warm conditions. But from September it really comes into its own. Everything is geared up for cosiness. 

The one thing I hate about autumn is trans-seasonal dressing. Aka dressing for four seasons in one because you never know what the day is going to throw at you! In a single day, it's possible to be too hot and too cold, especially when navigating the inferno-like Central Line. The layers peel off, then get shrugged back on before heading outside. The mornings are beautifully crisp and bright but the sunshine belies the drop in temperature, lulling you into a false sense of warmth. 

Practicality aside, being in this trans-seasonal period is also hella confusing trend-wise. Do you cling onto summer a la Sandy from Grease or do you throw in the towel and embrace AW17? What if you're not quite ready to give up millennial pink and wear red just because Givenchy, Max Mara and Roksanda et al want you to? Autumn/winter sees the return of practical big bags but what if I still want to be hands AND carefree?! So confusing. 

In this shoot, I was totally caught out by the cold as I'm sure you can see by my visible goosebumps! I kind of threw the look together with pieces I like, much like I do IRL these days. Clearly, I am not yet ready for the weather or to let go of pink in favour of red (just me?). It's the season for experimenting and throwing a look together but a word of warning - a sheer top has no business being worn in this weather unless it's under or over a jumper!

Top - ASOS (similar)
Jeans - River Island (similar)
Shoes - ASOS (similar)
Bag - Shrimps (similar)

Photography by Adorn Girl

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