Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Outfit post: Pursuing Pretty

I was never a girly girl. Growing up with one brother and two step-brothers meant that my childhood was spent climbing trees rather than having afternoon tea with my dolls. My tomboy traits continued into my teenage years; I rarely wore skirts or dresses and my jeans were practically surgically attached to me. I didn't even get into makeup til I was at uni. I remember one of my flatmates was in disbelief and took me to MAC in Selfridges during my first year to buy my first ever foundation and concealer. It was a big moment! 

Looking back, I'm thankful that my parents didn't pressure me to conform to any gender stereotypes. I was happiest covered in bruises and scrapes from my adventures and so my parents encouraged me to go on more. I still love going on adventures but I've swapped forests and woods for countries like Cambodia and Kenya. I don't think any of you would describe me as a tomboy, but my style tends to have a little bit of a tougher edge rather than being ~pretty~. I'll always pair a dress with some fierce heels or a vintage military jacket to make it a little more "me". 

The one exception is weddings. Earlier this year, a very dear friend of mine got married to her wonderful husband in a beautiful English countryside setting. I'm a stickler for a dress code so I scoured the entire internet at least thrice for the perfect dress. And my goodness, I found a beauty. Pastel colour palette, florals, ruffles for days and even a little lace thrown in for good measure. My favourite detail about this dress is the lace up back, it's just the slight hint of the "real me", beneath the facade of being pretty. Roll on wedding season next year...

Dress - Y.A.S
Heels - River Island
Bag - Chloe

Photography by Adorn Girl

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