Sunday, 24 September 2017

Outfit Post: The Blue Tulle Dress

Whether I go to the shows or sit them out, I always find Fashion Month the most inspiring time of the year. I pour over images from the shows (RIP to the original as well as street style images and candid snaps on Instagram. I'm like a sponge, I take it all in and in one way or another, what I see ends up inspiring how I dress. For that reason, my style from February-March and September-October tends to be a little more expressive and fun than other times of the year. I rediscover the joy in dressing; beauty and frivolity comes back to the fore. Rather than dressing for life, I dress for enjoyment. 

Clothes are so transformative, both physically and mentally. Each morning, there's a little metamorphosis in front of the mirror as I change out of my dressing gown and into my outfit for the day. Sometimes, it's a subtle shift into boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Low key. Sometimes it's a little more dramatic, with mirror shiny heels, slinky satin OTK boots or a dramatic dress. The physical transformation is easy to see, but what I love about fashion and clothes and getting dressed is how it makes you feel. For me, one of the simplest joys is getting dressed into a great outfit, smiling and skipping out of the house. The confidence I get from putting together an amazing outfit stays with me all day. 

Happiness and confidence are exactly what I felt as I slipped into this cornflower blue tulle dress. I actually spied it on ASOS last month but with all the decadence and beauty of the shows in Milan, it just felt right to wear it now. Voluminous with layers and layers of tulle; this frothy dress is such a joy to wear. It actually bounces as you walk. For me, it epitomises the fun and frivolity of the shows which I love at this time of year.

Dress - ASOS
Bag - Miu Miu 

Photography by Adorn Girl

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