Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: The Traveller

Here are my favourite gifts to indulge anyone with a serious case of wanderlust...
  1. Smythson Greenwich cabin trolley - £1,795
    Beautiful luggage is a bit of an indulgence but very necessary for anyone serious about collecting stamps in their passport. I would only invest in nice carry-on though, I’d be heartbroken if I’d bought a beautiful suitcase and it was wrecked after being manhandled by airport staff. I spied this beautiful cabin trolley at Smythson’s Christmas press day months ago and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s beautiful but also very practical and well-designed, with 360 degree rotation wheels, tons of external pockets for travel documents and plenty of sections inside to keep you well organised.
  2. Beats by Dre Solo3 wireless on-ear headphones - £245.80
    Decent on-ear headphones should be mandatory for travel. I always use mine on the plane, whether I’m watching a movie or listening to music as I nod off. They’re also super useful for bus/boat/train journeys I use Beats by Dre because the sound quality is incredible, especially the bass. I have the original pair but I’m hoping Santa pops this wireless pair under the tree for Christmas
  3. Kindle Paperwhite with built-in light and wifi - £104.49
    The only time I’m really able to get any decent reading time in is on holiday. Try as I might, I just can’t get immersed into a book while standing in a crowded tube carriage. On a beach with the sun on my skin and the sound of waves crashing in my ear, it’s a completely different story. Earlier this year, I was trying to read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and it took me 3 months to get through 15% of the book at home. It took me 3 days to completely finish it while I was chilling on the beaches on the Perhentian Islands! Reading is such a good way to while away time on holiday. This Kindle Paperwhite has a crisp sceen and a built-in light just in case you fancy some bedtime reading.
  4. Fendi Paradeyes sunglasses - £276.95
    Statement sunglasses are very necessary on holiday. Purely from a health and safety perspective, of course… It’s really important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while in the sun but it’s also important to look great on holiday. I love these distinctive Paradeyes sunglasses from Fendi, A hybrid of cat eye sunglasses and round sunglasses; they are the perfect statement sunnies, whether you’re off to Capri or the Caribbean. They’re also 35% off at Smart Buy Glasses at the moment!
  5. Aspinal of London Travel Collection - £175.
    There is nothing chicer than a matching travel set. Nothing. I’ve been eyeing this midnight blue lizard set from Aspinal of London for years, one day I’ll treat myself. Til then, I’ll continue to ask Santa for it every year. My passport is actually so worn out you can’t see the crest anymore so I actually need the passport holder. The travel document wallet is purely for practical reasons and the luggage tags just because they’re beautiful. The Travel Collection comes in a ton of colours but I love the midnight blue with cream suede interior.
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