Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Top Five: Embroidered Jeans

Over the last few years, designers have fallen back in love with denim. The humble wardrobe staple has been reimagined with a step hem, a new perplexing cropped flare silhouette and of course Vetement’s budget busting £900 vintage couture jeans. Perhaps the prettiest trend has been embroidered denim, seen at a handful of shows, including Alexander McQueen, for spring/summer 2016. Although you could go for a designer pair – I swear, the Guccis are calling my name – I don’t know how much longevity this trend will have so it’s much safer to save your pennies and go for a more affordable version. High Street stores have been surprisingly slow of the mark with this trend, however they’ve pulled their socks up this season! Here are my top picks:
  1. Garden Embroidered mom jeans by Topshop - £68 A little pricy for the high street but these are my absolute favourite! The fun, floral  embroidery is sprinkled across the jeans, front and back for a real style statement. I love the mom fit too.
  2. Embroidered jeans by Glamorous - £39For those who like overt embroidery, these jeans are you. I love the bold embroidery on one leg and smattering on the other, however I would have liked them more if they had a touch on the back.
  3. Embroidered jeans by Pretty Little Thing - £28 These jeans are absolutely perfect if you’re not 100% convinced by this trend but want to dip your sartorial toe in it. There’s only a touch of embroidery and the price tag is so tiny it justifies the investment.
  4. Embroidered jeans by Anita & Green - £35 In a more muted tone than some of the other jeans I’ve picked, this cute cropped pair by Anita & Green would look great with a pair of stilettos and a white shirt, elevating your wardrobe basics.
  5. Moto scribble embroidered jeans by Topshop - £55I have to admit, I prefer embroidered jeans with a looser silhouette, but these skinny jeans have such a ‘don’t care’ attitude I actually really like them. 
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