Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Return of the Outfit Posts


Well, well, well look at this. If it isn’t an outfit post making a rare appearance! Long term readers may remember outfit posts from the very early days of Fashion Daydreams, six years ago when it was completely acceptable to post pictures of yourself taken in your bedroom with dodgy lighting and your head cut off – back before blogging really became a thing. Times have changed since then, everyone and their mum has a blog and with the increased ‘competition’ came increased standards and expectations. Outfit posts are now akin to full blown editorial shoots and quite frankly, with my day job and constant travelling, I haven’t been able to put together a whole production around what I’m wearing so I’ve steered clear of cobbling together subpar outfit posts just for the sake of it. If you’re going to do something, do it well.

 That’s not to say I’ve been shy about my outfits and new additions to my wardrobe, but I felt like a quick snap and caption on Instagram would suffice for that medium. I’ve noticed that my outfit posts on Instagram are the most popular, along with food and travel, and I’ve been trying to dip my toe back into posting outfits for a while. But it’s a little daunting, isn’t it? Actually putting your face and sartorial choice out there to be judged and potentially ripped to shreds by strangers – I’ve been absolutely slated in the previous post many moons ago. But hey, sticks and stones and all that. I’m back.

So…this is me, just trying to ease back into sporadic outfit posts. I want my outfit posts to be genuine, much like my tweets and Instagram snaps. None of this has been called in and this outfit is actually a variation of my default weekend look, with pieces that I love to bits and have worn to death.

Jeans are sadly a no-no for my day job so I find myself living in them come the weekend. This pair is from Topshop, who are absolutely the best for high street jeans. These jeans have a lot of give and really retain their shape, which is key. I paired them with my beloved Isabel Marant Andrew boots, which add a cool, understated vibe to outfits. I threw on a slightly cropped tshirt from M&S and tied a plaid shirt by Rails around my waist. While Rails aren’t super well known here, they’re a cult favourite in America and particularly their hometown of LA. Known for their plaid shirts and denim pieces, they epitomise LA’s laid back chic.

My jacket is by Levi’s luxe label Made & Crafted, I love the cosy sheepskin collar. Last but not least is my Alexander McQueen tote bag, which fits all my essentials plus a lot more that I carry around for fun.

So that’s it, a teeny , tiny little outfit post that I’m absurdly nervous about posting. Please be kind! And let me know in the comments below whether you’d like to see more.
Outfit details:
Jacket – Levi’s Made & Crafted
Shirt – Rails
Tshirt – M&S
Jeans – Topshop
Boots – Isabel Marant 
Watch - Timex
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