Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Hairfinity Blogger Challenge

Once upon a time, I had the worst haircut of my life. I tried a new hairdresser on the recommendation of my colleague and even took a picture of what I was after. My hair was midway down my back with caramel brown highlights. I just wanted a little trim with layers through the length and a blunt fringe. Simple. The hairdresser ended up butchering my hair, chopping it within an inch of its life, leaving me with layers that were barely 3 inches long. It was so bad that he ended up cutting most of my caramel highlights out so my hair was a complete mess – colour and all. Even as I sat in the chair crying and unable to speak, he just kept cutting away.
Before this moment, I had always taken my hair for granted. It was always well behaved, always long and in great condition. I had no choice but to disguise my hair with clip-in extensions and wait a painfully long time for it to grow out til I could get it cut into a bob. The day I had my hair chopped into a bob, an actual hairstyle, I nearly wept with joy. I still wanted to grow my hair to the length it was before but just to have it in an actual style felt amazing. I ended up growing my hair for years and years, I was elated when it finally reached the middle of my back. By this point, I had grown accustomed to waiting months between haircuts – I actually had my hair coloured more frequently than cut!
Somehow, my hair ended up being nearly waist length. It was at this point that I embarked on a year of drastic changes, first going from brunette to blonde then willingly chopping my hair from waist length to a chic little bob then going plum then brunette while starting to grow it again. The thing with colour is that you can chop and change fairly often as long as you give your hair frequent nourishing treats but changing the length isn’t as easy. It took me about 5 years to grow it from a bob to waist length and it took about 2 hours to chop it back into a bob. Once you’ve gone for the chop, options for change are pretty limited which is why I’ve been focusing on the colour but I really want long hair again – I even contemplated getting extensions or a weave but ultimately, I want my own hair to colour and style as I wish.
Recently, I was approached by super hair supplement company Hairfinity to embark on a little hair challenge. Hairfinity is Kim Kardashian’s hair supplement of choice and while I may not be the biggest Kardashian fan, I have to admit that she has a fine head of luscious, long hair. Along with hair extensions and weaves, I also looked into quite a few hair supplement brands. While doing all this research, and practically earning a degree in trichology in the process, I learned that 91% of hair is a protein called keratin, which is made up of a combination of 18 amino acids in long chains. The upshot is that hair has a complicated chemical composition which is important if you want to grow your hair. Nothing you put on your hair will affect the growth, you need to nourish it from the inside out.
Hairfinity boasts an impressive list of ingredients, including hydrolysed collagen which is made up of 18 essential amino acids as well as 10 vitamins and additional minerals. I will be trying out the Hairfinity capsules for 3 months and while I’m not hoping for Rapunzel-esque locks by the February, I’m confident that the potent mix of ingredients will give my hair a much needed boost. It’s currently languishing in the just-past-collarbone-level-but-refusing-to-grow zone. I’ll be reporting back at the end of January but keep your eyes peeled on Instagram (Reena.Rai) to see my progress as it happens. 

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