Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Learning how to Periscope at Twitter's #FashionUnfiltered event

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the #FashionUnfiltered event hosted by Twitter. The event was focused on Periscope and more specifically how to use Periscope at London Fashion Week. If you're au fait with Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat but slightly mystified by Periscope, allow me to explain. Periscope is the hottest new social media app which allows users to live stream directly in their native app as well as Twitter. The app was acquired by Twitter in March 2015, so it's no surprise that its popularity has soared since then - though it's still very early days in the context of the whole social media ecosystem.

My own experiences with Periscope are fairly limited. My first ever broadcast was from a launch party I attended in July, since then I’ve shared Scopes of my bunny, cycling around the Science Museum with Santander Cycles, Hiphop Karaoke and several nights out which, incidentally, have been my most viewed broadcasts. Some of my favourite brands have been quick to embrace a new channel to communicate with; Versace hosted a breakfast in bed with Donatella Versace, the V&A gave a personal tour of the sell-out McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit and Marc Jacobs broadcast a live Q&A with the designer himself before his show had even taken place. 

So if exclusive content from your favourite brands has whet your whistle, how do YOU get started? Its super simple, just download the app via the app store and sign in using your Twitter details and hey presto – your details have migrated over and you have an account. You live stream in the native app which then automatically generates a tweet based on your Scope's title, which goes out to your Twitter followers. It’s super interactive; viewers can give you a heart if they like what they see and also comment – both of which are visible in the stream so you can interact with your viewers directly. 

Here are my top tips
  • Use hashtags as Scopes can be searched
  • Use emojis, they're fun!
  • Share details of your day, such as choosing an outfit, getting ready in a cab or at an event. Feedback is immediate so you can make your   Scope really interactive
  • Start building a follower base before a major livestream, like fashion week
  • Periscope is perfect for interviewing someone or even hanging out with a fashion pal, this is what’s really worked for me
  • Be interactive – answer questions or even take direction from viewers
  • You can also set up private broadcasts if you wish
There you have it, a comprehensive guide to Periscope from myself and the team at Twitter. My username on Periscope is Reena_Rai, the same as my Twitter handle. I’ll be broadcasting from the shows at LFW as well as out and about in Soho between the shows so make sure you follow me so you can be my +1 through all the fashion week madness!
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