Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Top 5: Duster Coats

While I don’t want to be one of those people, declaring the end of summer and putting the heating on but I have to admit, it is a bit cold out. Not cold enough to break out the heavy winter coats and snuggly scarves but it’s certainly time to admit defeat and embrace a lightweight cover up – this is coming from a girl who decided a sleeveless blazer was weather-appropriate today! Clinging onto the remnants of summer is all well and good but getting a cold is not chic. While I usually favour a classic trench or leather jacket as my go-to transseasonal cover up, I feel like they just miss the mark at the moment. Trenches, leather jackets and even trusty denim jackets just feel a little fussy. Blame it on normcore, but I just want something I can throw on, easy breezy and cool enough to wear with sneakers, sliders and heels. Enter the duster coat.
Originally full length and worn by Texan horsemen to protect their clothes from trail dust (hence the name), the humble duster is simple, oversized and absolutely everywhere on the high street. It’s one of those wardrobe items which will seamlessly shimmy into your wardrobe and will immediately make friends with everything you own, throw any outfit on it and I guarantee a duster coat will add an air of nonchalance. Trainers, jeans and a tshirt; a normcore dream. Heels, coulottes and a little blouse; proportionally perfect. Sliders and a tshirt dress; easy. Even a sparkly LBD could benefit from a duster thrown over it’s shoulders.
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