Friday, 29 August 2014

My very own Carrie necklace

Sex and the City is arguably one of the most influential TV shows in terms of popular culture and fashion. As much as I love Olivia Pope’s style in Scandal and looking back at early seasons of Friends for normcore inspiration, SATC is in a whole different league of covetable fashion – courtesy of super stylist Patricia Field. It’s no surprise that Pat Field has been nominated for no less than 5 Emmys for her work on the show plus Oscar and BAFTA nominations for her work on The Devil Wears Prada. Sarah Jessica Parker asked Pat to design some outfits for her now iconic character Carrie Bradshaw for season 1 of SATC, which has literally changed the way women dress like no other show.
I remember watching Sex and the City back when I was in 6th form, obsessing over every aspect of Carrie’s enviable wardrobe. My business studies teacher was as obsessed as I was and we spent more than a couple of lessons discussing her wardrobe or the latest developments between Carrie and Big. From the corsages and Christian Dior dresses to all the Manolos and Fendi baguettes, SATC has spawned some iconic looks and styling accents. The “Carrie” necklace is perhaps one of the best known and most copied looks from the season. Prior to Patricia’s styling, anyone else wearing a name plate necklace would have looked more Lizzy Duke than chic but after its debut in season 3, everyone wanted to wear their name on their chest.

The necklace featured right through to the last season but by that point it became so synonymous with Carrie Bradshaw that it was impossible to wear a name necklace without seeming a bit fan girl. I personally opted for a couple of horse shoe necklaces which Carrie wore in later season, a bit more subtle. Recently, online jewellery retailer One Necklace kindly sent me my very own customised name necklace. It’s been a few years since SATC sadly ended, so I feel a bit less fan girl sporting my lovely necklace, which I have fallen head over heels for. I actually wore it non-stop for about a month after I first got it! Design-wise it’s very similar to Carrie’s unforgettable name necklace and it is 24k gold plated so I can vouch for the great quality – after months and months of wear it still looks as good as day 1.
I love styling my necklace up in different ways, sometimes I just wear it on it’s own to make a stronger visual statement and sometimes I mix it up by layering necklaces of different lengths. Either way, it’s a definite style staple in my wardrobe now. Thank you to One Necklace for sending me my very own “Carrie” necklace. 
Necklace c/o One Necklace
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