Sunday, 29 June 2014

Top Five: Ear Cuffs

It’s funny how you can be fiercely loyal to something, yet fickle at the same time.  I’m a certified jewellery devotee; however the type of jewellery which gets my heart racing is constantly changing. Years ago, I used to stack rings like I was Karl Lagerfeld but recently I’ve taken to wearing a single, statement door knocker necklace. Of course there was the bracelet and bangle phase too and the good old belly chain if you want to go all the way back to the 90s! The one piece of jewellery that I have never really been enamoured with is earrings. Despite having five lobe piercings (as well as my tragus and rook), I prefer simple studs rather than anything overly fussy adorning my ears. This hasn’t strictly changed but I have come around to a little ear embellishment in the form of ear cuffs.
Ear cuffs aren’t a new trend by all means but it has taken a while for the super luxe jewellery pieces to filter down to the high street. Ear cuffs were last year’s punk-themed Met Ball, with the likes of Sienna Miller and Nicole Ritchie sporting some very ornate and lavish jewels on their ears. I love these over the top embellishment like Cara Delavigne as well as a more subtle take on the trend a la Emma Watson.

Here are my favourite ear cuff looks as well as my top picks from the high street:

Adoring Ava crystal ear cuff - £8

Red Herring crystal ear cuff - £3

Maria Francesca Pepe Swarovski ear cuff - £135

Maria Black cresent ear cuff - £78.05

Patrizia Pepe gold crystal ear cuff - £53.90
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