Saturday, 21 June 2014

London Collections: Men - Sibling SS15

My favourite rambunctious knitwear brand Sibling is in a particularly rebellious mood for spring/summer 2015. Opening with Nirvana’s Generation Y rock anthem Smells Like Teen Spirit, Joe, Sid and Cozette’s vision for Sibling is bold ode to reckless youth with a splash of punk influences for good measure. Mohawked models in Robert Clergerie designed bovver boots further perpetuats the image of disenfrancised youth. Featuring soft cobweb knits adorned with sequins and fine wisps of fringing juxtaposing with rough double denim and spiked hoodies, Sibling’s gang are definitely up to no good and looking for trouble. The signature biker jacket was temporarily replaced with a crochet bomber jacket, which only Sibling could conceive and deliver with such aplomb. Kudos.

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