Saturday, 24 May 2014

Brunch at Duck & Waffle, London

Anyone who knows me or even vaguely follows me on Twitter or Instagram knows that I am a total Duck & Waffle addict. Well I was. And am again. After an obscenely long, unecessary hiatus, I went back to my favourite brunch spot in London for a leisurely bank holiday brunch. There were lots of new dishes on the menu but aside from that, nothing at all had changed. The views were still the best in London, the service was impeccable and the food, well, absolutely sublime as always.
My dining partner and I eased into brunch after a gruelling yoga class with the smoked mozzarella, which was actually a lot more delicious than it initially sounds with granola, safe, honey and amalfi lemon. We moved onto the equally healthy Colombian eggs, a long-term menu dish which I hadn’t gotten around to trying yet. Well worth the wait, although much healthier than I’m used to at brunch.
It all swiftly went downhill from there as we indulged in the mind-blowing PBJ – a dish so scrumptious both my partner in crime and I immediately proclaimed it was the best thing either of us have eaten ever (and we eat a lot) and we booked in for a return brunch before we left.
So what is this wonder dish? Well, you start with brioche toast; top it with peanut butter, jam and banana brulee. So far, so delicious. We topped for the full far, extra calorie version which also has a fried duck egg and maple-glazed bacon. It doesn’t sound like it should work and it probably shouldn’t but trust me, this is a brunch game changer. Nothing else comes close. Hat’s off to the chef, you’ve done it again Mr Doherty. We finished off our brunch with a the delicious cheese board, well cheese is made from milk which makes it healthy, right?!

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