Friday, 25 April 2014

Label Love: Reckless Wolf

A couple of years ago, I met a very talented lingerie designer at The Crazy Horse show. As you do. We both enjoyed the show and chatted about her work and incredible experience and it struck me that in a city of aspiring designers, this girl was the real deal. Her name is Jade Little, I made a note of it as I was sure I would see great things from her in the future. 

Jade graduated from a degree in Contour Fashion Design, one of her university pieces was a bespoke wooden corset which created a huge buzz in the fashion world and attracted the attention of one of the biggest popstars in the world who commissioned bespoke tour pieces. Jade went on to create innovative bodywear collections which could be worn as swimwear, lingerie or outerwear and earned accolades from the likes of Lycra and Wolf & Badger. Collaborating with countless designers and retailers including the Marios Schwab collection at ASOS, Jade set up her own label Reckless Wolf in 2013. 

Reckless Wolf is designed for "the modern independent girl (with a cheeky wild side)", with Jade being described as "the lingerie designer that will make you want to take your clothes off" by Hunger Magazine. Very, very accurate descriptions. Reckless Wolf carves it's own niche in a pretty overcrowded lingerie market. Fierce and provocative, the label is very much designed for independent, rebellious women who know their own mind and own their sexuality. Merging lingerie and outerwear, Reckless Wolf offers four collections - Caged, Howl, Hunted and Prey - with pieces you will not want to keep under wraps for long. 

The current look book photoshoot epitomises the essence of the collection, set in a butcher's shop the images are far from the typical soft-lit, delicate shoots one would expect from a lingerie shoot. The images are bold, suiting the Reckless Wolf collection down to the ground. Go on, join the Wolf Pack...I dare you. 

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