Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Florence Visual Diary

Here's a little visual diary of my time in Florence...

The view of the centre of Florence from my room at The Savoy. Absolutely stunning. 

Renaissance sculptures all over the city. 

Jewellery shopping on the Ponte Vecchio.

The Ponte Vecchio at sunset. 

Breakfast at The Savoy. 

Practising yoga around the city.

Stumbling upon a tea shop in a city of coffee shops!

Pav and I with the Ponte Vecchio in  the background.

Wine tasting at Villa Le Corti. 

A close up of the beautiful gothic architecture of the duomo in Siena. 

Pav and I before heading out for aperitivo.  

Narrow streets and tall towers in Florence. 

The alter at Dante's church. 

A sneak peek of Florence's imposing duomo. 

A close up of the duomo.

Vasari's famous fresco inside the duomo. 

Nothing beats Florentine gelato. 

Flying visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

Photos taken using my Nokia Lumia 1040. 
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