Friday, 14 February 2014

Romantic Date Night in With M&S

I've never been bothered about Valentine's Day. In fact, the best Valentine's Day I've had was more strange than romantic; I began the day by seeing a very accurate psychic and concluded it at Ne-Yo's concert with one of my best friends from school. Hardly the romantic extravaganza that Clintons tells me it's ought to be. This year was different though, I have someone truly special to spend it with so the day meant a lot, especially as it would be our first Valentine's Day together. Until I realised the first day of London Fashion Week coincided with it. Disaster. No nipping away for the weekend, no winning and dining or other romantic shenanigans, not with all the show write ups and photo editing I'd have on my plate. So thank God for the wonderful folks at M&S for swooping in and saving the day by sending my boyfriend and I a little hamper for the perfect romantic night in.

Our plan for Valentine's Day was actually going to be the trusty Valentine's Meal Deal which looked so irresistibly delicious in the adverts. For those of you who are unfamiliar, you get a delicious starter, main and side as well as a yummy dessert AND chocolates and wine for £20! It's a bit of a no brainer and I knew so many people who had the same idea, opting for a night in rather than heading to a crammed restaurant only to order the same dish as everyone else on the "special" set menu. Our hamper contained all the extra goodies to make our Valentine's Day extra special, including candles and candle sticks, gold-rimmed champagne flutes, scented candles, long-stemmed roses and even some lingerie for *ahem* later.

Desperate to use the gorgeous cashmere Cro'Jack picnic blanket I got for my birthday, we set up a beautiful indoor picnic with tons of candles, strewn with roses. The perfect setting to enjoy a delicious 3 course Marks & Spencer extravaganza meal. We opted for the Moroccan chicken skewers to start, mouth watering peppercorn steak and chips for main and panna cotta for dessert. And it was delicious. De-lish. So good the dog, who was banished from the living room, stared at us through the door which was left slightly ajar. Creepy.


Thank you so much for the amazing hamper, M&S. You've helped to make our first Valentine's Day one to remember.
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