Sunday, 16 February 2014

London Fashion Week: Sister by Sibling AW14

I feel like I need to caveat this post by confessing that I love Sibling and Sister by Sibling, the two coolest knitwear brands by a country mile. Sid, Joe and Cozette have created two very, very special labels and I absolutely adore every Sister by Sibling piece I own. So it's no surprise that I loved the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. Deconstructing classic knitwear elements, the collection features Peter Pan collars, Fairisle knits and crochet pieces with signature Sibling wit and sparkle. Crochet, fringed shawls have never been so chic. The deconstructed cobweb knits were a highlight, though one of the models did have a little difficulty walking in heels which kept getting caught in the train of her dress, cue temper tantrum and shoes being thrown off. Props to the final model who persevered and made it intact, to applause. Great collection, despite potentially being unable to walk in it, I need the final dress in my life.

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