Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Kate Middleton's regal makeover

Despite having every sartorial step documented, being proclaimed a British style icon and featuring in Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed list for four years in a row, Kate Middleton is getting a makeover prior to her upcoming tour of Australia in April. In a nutshell, the Duchess of Cambridge will be getting a subtle, regal makeover overseen by the Queen’s personal dresser Angela Kelly. Working for the Queen since 1993, Angela is a master at occasionwear so we’re anticipating longer hemlines, statement, real jewels and tiaras fit for a princess.
This will be a bit of a departure from Kate’s signature style which has been much documented, lauded and replicated. Out with the above the knee dresses and high street purchases and in with the figure hugging couture and glittering jewels from the Queen’s personal collection. Since the decision was made, Kate has reportedly approached her favourite designers Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley about creating gowns and dresses for the tour.
It all sounds very proper and it’ll be exciting to see a change in Kate’s style as well as seeing someone other than models wearing couture. But I can’t help but wonder what the point is. Kate is a beacon of “modern royalty”, reviving global popularity of the Royal family and this is in part due to her down-to-earth, approachable nature and endearing personality; much like Princess Diana. What makes Kate so likeable and accessible is how she dresses; picking dresses from the likes of Topshop, Hobbs, Reiss and L.K Bennett is integral to this.
It seems like the Queen isn’t in favour of Kate’s down-to-earth image, the makeover will see her moulded into a more traditional princess ideal, complete with tiaras. Subtle though it may be, I think the decree from the Queen is significant. But after coming under scrutiny for overspending the annual budget whilst neglecting to maintain the likes of Buckingham Palace, should the Queen be focusing on what Kate Middleton is wearing or more pressing matters? 
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