Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Introducing Diego Miranda, Creative Director (and hair genius) at Joe’s Salon

Long hair is a funny thing. Supposedly the epitome of femininity, it’s so easy to become irrationally attached to it; even when it does absolutely nothing for you but just hang there. I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I was that person with long hair just for the sake of having long hair. Truth be told, I didn’t particularly want lengthy locks, it just happened; one day I realised my hair was almost waist length and I was giving Rapunzel a run for her money. It was so long that it was a real statement, almost as dramatic as a pixie cut and quite a lot of people assumed I had extensions. In realistic terms, being super thick and super long, my hair was a bit too much to handle so I became a ponytail and plaiting expert. I eventually realised that hanging onto long hair is pretty pointless if it’s only unleashed on special occasions.

Of course, I only understood this myself months after Joe from Joe’s Salon tried to coax me into getting a more flattering, easier to manage cut. Luckily, my hallelujah moment coincided with the appointment of a new Creative Director at Joe’s; top celebrity hair stylist Diego Miranda. With over 20 years’ experience working with some of the industry’s most well respected salons, photographers and directors as well as tending to the locks of everyone from Julia Roberts to Scarlett Johansson, I couldn’t have been in safer hands. Uncharacteristically, I gave Diego carte blanche on my first visit to him. Quiet and considered, Diego listened and understood my hair woes and after assessing both my current cut and lifestyle, he suggested a softly graduated bob.

Fast forward about 20 minutes and my freshly washed hair is in a ponytail with Diego holding scissors to it…and we went for it. As I lost over 6” of hair, it was ponytailed so it could be sent off to a cancer charity and turned into a wig which is an absolutely brilliant service. Diligent, patient and attentive, Diego worked away at the rest of my hair with acute attention to detail, deftly cutting in layers which just melted together resulting in one of the best haircuts I’ve had, ever. My new haircut is structured, bouncy and has tons of volume without being difficult to manage. The real test is how you cope at home on your own and even with my low maintenance approach to hair, the cut is fantastic. It looks equally great with a natural air dried waves or super chic with a 5-minute straighten, so easy I could almost weep with joy. No more wrestling with hair dryers, straighteners, products or weather. 

Two weeks on and the only thing I regret is not getting my hair cut earlier. There hasn’t been one moment where I missed having long hair. Not only do I love it but everyone from friends, family members and colleagues have been cooing over my hair and how great it looks. Even my boyfriend, who was formerly a loyal lover of long locks, adores my new look. He’s still had to endure me proclaiming that “I love it. I really love it. Isn’t it an amazing cut? I mean look at it” on a daily basis. I’m sure the infatuation will pass eventually but for now I’m going to revel in having the shortest, chicest haircut in my life, sans regrets.

Here's a pretty cool stop motion video of my haircut, shot by Diego. 

Cut by Diego Miranda, new Creative Director at Joe’s Salon, Sloane Avenue.
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