Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Gatsby glamour at Sergio Giannasso

The Great Gatsby has to be one of the most highly anticipated films in recent years, partly due to the fantastic director and cast but mostly because it’s been released about a year late! Still, better late than never. The first trailer was released in May last year and I remember falling in love with the preview; Baz Luhrmann’s vision of the Roaring Twenties was ostentatiously decadent, flamboyantly extravagant and oh so intoxicating. It seems like I’m not the only one who thought so, before the movie even came out, the 1920s revival had started with the likes of Prada and Gucci channeling the chic decade and championing ornate beading, art deco prints and gorgeous flapper dresses.

I also fell in love with the pretty Twenties beauty look, all finger waves, bobs, red lips and smoky eyes. Being a complete make up novice, I was super excited to be invited to an event at the Sergio Giannasso salon in Covent Garden to learn all about 1920s hair and make-up. Sergio is the super fun owner and creative director of the salon and as a stylist, colourist and make-up artist; he was the best man to teach me a think (or 6) about getting the perfect 1920s look.

My look was actually a modern day take on the Twenties, owing to my ridiculous Rapunzel hair – there’s no way it was going to be pinned up into a faux bob. Senior stylist Adam started by setting my hair into finger waves and pinning it before French plaiting my hair and twisting it into a chic bun. He then brushed out the finger waves until they were tamed and pinned them into face framing waves. Sergio took over to finish off my look – rouge on my cheeks and lips with heavy kohl around my eyes and well defined brows.

Here are Sergio’s top tips for a Gatsby fix:

  •          Set the hair in vintage finger waves – use hot irons to clamp and set key sections
  •          Keep the silhouette flat against the head – no root body for this look
  •          A bob shape is key – the real deal of a faux bob create by pinning up the back of long hair and use wet-look oils for a polished finish
  •          Feathers, bands, grips – vintage accessories are easy and cheap to buy and will complete the look
Make up
  •          Gatsby girls used rouge on lips and cheeks. The same shade used differently – matte on the cheeks and glossy on the lips
  •          Define those brows! Super thin and arched if you dare, thicker if you wish but always pencilled into shape
  •          Kohl pencil had just arrived in the 20s and was key to the look.
  •          Create a rose-bud shape on the lips by accentuating the cupid’s bow – and don’t forget a girly pout!
Huge thanks to Sarah Betty, Sergio and Adam for my glamourous Gatsby look. Sergio Giannasso's salon is located in Covent Garden, just a stone's throw away from Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden Piazza and Leicester Square. 
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