Monday, 4 March 2013

Turning the page

I've been blogging for a long time, not quite one of the grandmas of blogging but maybe a great aunt. After over four years in the game, I suffered a bit of blogger burnout. Over the last few months, my passion has just dwindled which has been more than evident in my posts. Truth be told, blogging has really changed. It used to be friendly and there was a great community, lots of the girls I met along the way have become close friends. But things have changed a lot since those days. Now, blogging seems to be about competition and being better than the next person; going to event after event and working with X, Y and Z brands in a quality rather than quantity capacity. And don't get me started on the blagging: a dress here, front row seat at a fashion show there.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really grateful to have attended some incredible events and it is lovely getting the occasional PR present in the post but that's not what this is all about, and a lot of people seem to have either forgotten about it or never knew that in the first place. Over the years, things like integrity and principles seem to have been sacrificed in favour of stuff, stuff which doesn't really mean anything. As a blog reader, I want to know what you like, not what someone sent you. Moreso, I want to read what you are interested in, not what landed in your inbox that afternoon. Whether anyone has implicitly said this or not, there is an element of competition between bloggers and a pressure to become friendly with PRs, to "get in there".

I know people who have written things or tweeted things just because they want something from a PR. I know a PR who received chocolates from a blogger to thank them for an event invite. I know a blogger who heard about an organised trip then sought out the organiser to "get chummy with for the next one", her words not mine. I've seen blog posts which are nothing more than a carbon copy of a press release. This is not blogging. This is why blogging gets a bad rep.

On a personal note, I got so sucked into daily blogging and trying to keep on top of my inbox that I lost sight of any I even started. As the volume of blogger-savvy PRs and then events increased, keeping on top of everything just became impossible. I have a career too so as work life began to take off, my window for blogging got smaller and instead of scaling back, I tried to carry on but that's just not sustainable. Press day season became a mountain of invites and life outside work became a never ending list of fashion events. How do you shoehorn a social life in between all that?

Once upon a time, that was my life, it was great and I loved it. Blogging may not have evolved as much as simply move forward, but I have. Fashion used to be what I lived and breathed but my life is richer now and I don't want to be a slave to events just to show my face. I don't want to go to the launch party for a brand I'm semi interested in, I want to have dinner with friends at that restaurant with the amazing view instead (if you haven't been to Duck & Waffle, GO). I'm still inspired by fashion and I can't help but gasp at couture but I'm as inspired by music, food and travelling.

After a few months of halfhearted posts, I've come to a decision. Blogging used to be something I loved and I'm making the decision to go back to basics. I loved blogging because I blogged about what I loved, and that's all my blog is going to be from now on. Whether it's fashion, music, food or travel. I hope you enjoy this new phase and continue to grow with me.
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