Monday, 18 March 2013

Smooth it out with GKHair Taming at Joe's Salon

Between you and I, I think haircare is a very funny thing. Every so often, something cool comes along and before you know it, every salon, shop and mall stall is offering you a piece . Hands up if you’ve heard of Moroccan Oil? Brazilian Blowdries? Ombre or dip dye? When something new and innovative comes out, it’s special and exclusive but give it 6 months and it becomes so ubiquitous that it ends up losing its lustre. Brazilian blowdries used to be the preserve of high end salons due to their technical nature and now the local salon in Ealing is offering them at 80% off on Groupon (with complimentary slap dash application). Likewise with ombre, it looks fantastic when done properly but with L’Oreal's newest “Wild Ombre” home hair colour, is Lily Aldridge’s hair still covetable when your 15 year old neighbour is giving it a whirl?

This is why I love Joe’s Salon in Mayfair. Truly passionate about hair, Joe carefully curates the services offered to ensure every treatment on offer is cutting edge and exclusive. When I popped in for a haircut in December, I learnt all about GKhair which is an absolute revolution. As someone with super long, coloured hair, I’m always on the lookout for sometime to nourish my locks. I’ve had a Brazilian Blowdry before and while my hair was a little softer and smoother, it didn’t seem much healthier and there was no straightening benefit at all. 

The GKHair Taming System is essentially a Brazilian Blowdry 3.0, moving the treatment on several steps allowing for a completely customised treatment depending on what your hair type is and the result you want – making this the perfect treatment whether you have super curly hair which you want straight or you just want your wavy hair to be smoother and more manageable. GKHair uses super ingredient Juxexin, which is a special blend of proteins and peptides optimised specifically for hair repair. The system penetrates the hair shaft to deliver a repairing and restoring boost of protein, enabling hair to better withstand heat, make it less prone to breakage and improves the lubricity of hair, giving hair overall better manageability. This little miracle worker essentially rejuvenates your hair while strengthening and straightening it for around 5 month.

GKHair Taming System is available exclusively at Joe’s Salon.

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