Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Forever bags

A couple of weeks ago, I went for icecream with my friend Bella and she was telling me how she wanted to guy a "forever bag". She explained that she had lots of bags but not a wow, cherish for eternity bag. Though I'd never thought of it in that way, I realised it was true. My everyday bag is a Michael Kors and I also have bags by Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang which I love, but a forever bag is so much more than that - think Givenchy or Celine. A bag that you stalk in the store for months while you save up and stroke lovingly whenever you come to visit it. The type of bag which you store in it's dust bag when you're not using it so you keep it in pristine condition. Bella and I are now on an obsessive mission to find our own "forever bags", it's a tough choice as this bag is for keeps. Here are my favourites (so far):

From left to right:
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