Monday, 2 July 2012

Festival footwear

Summers are all about festivals, right? Roughing it, packing your weekends belongings in a rucksack and generally having a merry old time. Well, actually, no. I might sound a tad uptight when I say this but I need a proper bed and mattress not to mention shower facilities and toiletries and no rucksack has ever come close to meeting my needs. Hey, a girl needs options…am I right?! That’s why the only festivals I’ve been to are London-based ones so I can wake up and get ready at my leisure without freaking out that someone has stolen something or thrown up outside the tent – these are worries I can live without!

I’ve skipped Lovebox and Hackney Weekend (rookie mistake) and I’m heading to Wireless Festival this weekend to see Drake, Rita Ora and The Weeknd (eek!) among many others. With all the magazine and blog features over the last couple of months, I’m pretty sure you guys have your festival look down already. I know it’s not the most imaginative look, but we all have a pair of denim cut offs and a tee. What concerns me more is footwear.

For me, open toes are a no-no as it gets so filthy towards the end of a festival. Judging by the weather over the last couple of weeks, wellies may be the most appropriate choice but I just can’t bear to do it. Whatever the weather, I usually end up in ankle boots. They’re safe and usually weather appropriate and look pretty good with pretty much everything. However, after pouring over pictures of Coachella and Hackney Weekend, I noticed a ton of people wearing trainers. I’m not adverse to a pair of Converse but the now ubiquitous heeled trainers are much more controversial. I also spotted these hilarious stiletto print high tops from BE&D. What do you wear to festivals? 

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