Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Willy Wonka Shoes

A couple of weeks ago, I confessed by love for court shoes. I did think that the first step to recovery was admitting that you have a problem, so after my public confession I should have been a reformed court addict, right? No, wrong. I felt so pleased with myself for recognising that I had a problem that I treated myself….to a pair of court shoes from Sarenza! But, in my defence, I just had to have them. These gorgeous stripy Dune shoes are just too adorable. When they arrived in the office yesterday, I tore open the box to try them on (this is the only way to open a shoe delivery, yes?) and my colleague immediately proclaimed that they are “Willy Wonka shoes”. I do see where she’s coming from, with the bold stripes, splash of red and cute bow there’s a lot going on for one pair of shoes. I absolutely adore them though and as they’re from Dune they are going to be super comfy. I think the best way to style these is with an understated outfit: dark skinny jeans, cute bow print tee, a slick of bright lipstick and some sunnies. 

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