Monday, 13 February 2012

Menswear Monday: Louis Vuitton Homme Precollection AW12

Menswear Monday is a new semi-regular feature for all the style conscious men out there. There aren't very many menswear blogs out there and my interest in menswear is slowly growing, though I don't have enough free time or knowledge to start a menswear blog, I thought I'd feature pieces and collections which catch my eye on a Monday. Let me know if you're a fella and interested in hearing about menswear.

First up is the absolutely stunning Louis Vuitton precollection AW12. I'm no menswear expert but I do love the more polished looks. The crisp trench, perfectly fitting suit, thoughtful shirt and tie combination. My favourite looks are the very proper three-piece suits and the more casual, patterned pieces. 

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