Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wednesday Wish List

Last week, I became enamored with ankles. Not in a foot fetishist way, I must stress! More in line with how the industry becomes fascinated with a body part resulting in yo-yoing skirt and dress lengths - are legs hot this season? - and plunging necklines. Those are the obvious examples, for the last couple of seasons the humble midriff has been in the spotlight, you can't walk down the high street for longer than ten minutes without stumbling into a cropped jumper or a bralet, either on the racks or on a person. Ankles haven't had a moment for a long time. Sure there are cropped trousers and jeans, but we need to show off our ankles and highlight them in the same way a one shoulder top shows how sensual a bare shoulder can look.
Shoes with an ankle strap aren't new, I've got a fair few pairs on my shoe shelf but the problem with most of them is that they aren't flattering. Most of them cross the ankle underneath the actual joint, not above it where the ankle is most slender. It's all about proportions; my high waisted skirts must fit perfectly where my waist naturally goes in and I'm careful that my midi skirts don't stop at my calf's chunky part. So why ignore that simple rule when it comes to ankle straps? 
I've searched high and low to find gorgeous shoes with a dainty little ankle strap which hits above the ankle bone. The silver patent Alexander Wang heels are my favourite, check out the little silver cape on the back of them! I also love the hot pink snakeskin effect pair from Dune. Dune actually have a 20% off code which can be used on top of all sale items until midnight next Monday, simply enter ANY12 at the checkout for the discount. 

From left to right, starting with the top left:
Dune Della peep toe sandals - was £90, now £54
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