Sunday, 27 November 2011

Introducing Tramp Vintage

A week ago, I popped over to Brighton to meet my friend Steph from Deer Brains and check out Brighton's best vintage emporium - Tramp Vintage. Situated a hop and a skip away from the railway station, the stunning window immediately caught my eye. The three stunning white lace gowns in the window really made Tramp stand out in a street littered with vintage stores and gave a good indication as to what you will discover inside. 

After admiring the window, I stepped inside to find a twinkly treasure trove of vintage gems. What I loved about Tramp is that it has a real high end, boutique vibe. Their vintage pieces are in immaculate condition and organised by colour making the whole store both visually appealing and easy to browse. There's no trawling through endless rails and piles of clothing in the hopes of unearthing a gem - this is my pet hate and why I don't often shop vintage. At Tramp, every single piece is exquisite and hung carefully, the shoes are often displayed with their boxes (including a pair of vintage Vivienne Westwood heels), jewellery is beautifully laid out, brooches are pinned to a dressmaker's dummy. Michelle has done a fantastic job, Tramp is the most beautifully curated and kept vintage stores I've ever visited. If you're in Brighton, make Tramp Vintage your number one destination, the beach and pier can wait. 

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