Tuesday, 18 October 2011

TOMTOM Jewellery arrives at Nyla Boutique

During one of my regular ‘look at pretty things on Nyla Boutique’ sessions, I discovered that they cheekily added another fabulous jewellery brand to their impressive brand roster – TOMTOM Jewellery. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because designer Elena Coleman Howell designed a capsule collection for Walt Disney Signatures for the film TRON: Legacy. It only takes a quick peek at the precision and geometric shapes of the ‘Future 70s’ collection to realise that designer Elena’s background as a trained architect is a huge inspiration for her designs. It may be a little predictable, but I fell in love with this statement necklace from the collection. I love the dreamy deep blue of lapis and it contrasts really well with the antique brass.

As with any great piece of jewellery, I can imagine wearing it in about a million different ways. I’ve showcased two below: contemporary and classic. The necklace is simple enough to be dressed down with a simple slogan tee and some edgy metallic trousers. The blue suede platforms echo colour of the lapis stones almost perfectly, pulling the outfit together. The classic outfit features a chic, figure flattering dress from the Mary Portas range at House of Fraser. The shoe boots add a little bit of an edge while the ring echoes the triangle shapes in the necklace. How would you wear the necklace?


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