Saturday, 3 September 2011

Macmillan Move More Campaign

Macmillan Cancer Support recently launched their ‘Move More’ campaign which aims to dispel the myth that you should rest following cancer treatment. It’s really important to stay active to reduce fatigue, anxiety and stress as well as looking after your heart, bones and reducing the risk of getting a blood clot.  Historically, doctors always advised patients to rest during treatment but this has changed, they have seen the importance of light exercise to improve energy levels and muscle strength. Jo Brand, Joanna Scanlan and Peter Capaldi have joined forced to make a little promotional video to launch the campaign:

Having supported close friends and family through cancer, I know chemotherapy is horrendously draining and often leaves you feeling very weak and tired. It can be so difficult to just motivate yourself to get out of bed, but having a goal to do a tiny bit of exercise such as climbing the stairs, walking or gardening can make a huge difference. You should, of course, always speak to your doctor of physiotherapist before undertaking any exercise. Here are my ten little things to help you move more:

  1. Music always helps me move, not to mention it always improves my mood.
  2. Rope in friends and family, it’s much more fun to be in it together.
  3. Start with small sessions of exercise and build up your activity over time.
  4. Nintendo Wii is great for aerobic exercises as well as gentle flexibility exercises like yoga and pilates.
  5. Set goals to keep you motivated and keep your eye on the prize.
  6. Get outside to cycle or walk short distances while it’s still nice outside.
  7. Activities like dancing and hula hooping make exercise fun rather than boring.
  8. Go blackberry picking, not only a great way to spend an afternoon but then you have a great excuse to make crumble.
  9. Hang out with children – take them to the park, or dog sit your friends new puppy
  10. Wearing the correct clothing is important to ensure your skin can breathe and you’re kept cool.
With the last point in mind, I just wanted to share some inforation about Debenhams' new women's sportswear range, XPG (cross performance gear) by Jenni Falconer, which combines performance and style in a feminine way. As a keen marathon runner, Jenni knows the importance of combining breathable, lightweight fabrics and reflective fabrics with great design. The collection of 35 pieces in sizes 8-16 and is priced from £14-40. 

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