Sunday, 11 September 2011

M&S style challenge outfit four

I've gone for a really casual outfit today, seeing as it's Sunday. This feather print skirt from M&S Limited Collection is so easy to wear and I love the pocket details. It's one of those no-brainer pieces which has a great fit and the pretty pattern keeps it interesting. I wore it with an oversize silk teal colour top to match the blue of the skirt and cinched it in with a brown belt. I'm adjusting to 'tights weather' with these lovely lace tights and giving my feet a rest with some classic suede loafers. If the the browns, blues and burgundys of the outfit tickle your fancy, please vote for me on the M&S Facebook page. 

Massive thanks to Susie from Take Out In Couture for taking these snaps. 

Phase Eight silk top
M&S Limited collection feather print skirt
Vintage belt
Phase Eight burgundy loafers
Michael Kors bag
YSL Arty ring
Urban Outfitters silver ring
Gifted lionhead bracelet
Isabel Marant bracelet
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