Sunday, 4 September 2011

HD Brows review

A couple of weeks ago I heard about HD Brows and booked an appointment to get my brows done last Saturday. Here's a quick vlog I made about my experience...

So as you can probably tell it was my first vlog! I was a teeny bit nervous hence the short video and rather abrupt ending. Blogposts are so much easier, you can write them with your feet up and edit to your heart's content. So, my verdict on HD Brows? Well, I'm definitely going to get it done again. I'm not sure how different it is to tinting and threading, but for me it felt like it was a lot more comprehensive and precise. The shape is a bit of work-in-progress but only because I want to create more of an arch. The shape is great as it is though and I've had a few compliments on my brows since. I had my brows done at Jade's Beauty, for more information on HD Brows, visit the website


  1. It's great you made your first video post! Really nice to hear your voice and to see what you are like. Your brows look super. :]

  2. I love this video! You should do more.
    I usually thread and pluck, but this sounds like great. I'm too lazy to do my eyebrows myself most of te time!

  3. I need some brow work, though nothing will repair the damage I did by overplucking in my teens!


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