Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Chambord Platinum Lounge at LFWe

Is it just me or does LFW give anyone the overwhelming urge to shop? Seeing so many inspiring shows and jaw-dropping outfits just seems to whet my shopping whistle. My beloved high street stores don’t do it for me right after fashion week; I’m always after something a little more unique and luxe, so thank the shopping Lord for London FashionWeekend! I know us bloggers can get a teeny bit snooty about LFWe after experience the extravaganza of LFW proper, but if you take it for what it is (a fabulous shopping event) then it’s great. Plus, who can argue with a bargain, I almost snapped up a Roberto Cavalli skirt in perfect condition for £90! I’ve got to admit, I haven’t found anything as amazing since it’s decamped to Somerset House from the Natural History Museum but there are plenty of reasons to visit.

Along with all of the fantastic shopping, there are also regular fashion shows in the main LFW tent and a Platinum Club Lounge hosted by the lovely folks at Chambord who have been sponsoring London’s chicest shopping event for 10 years! Offering a welcome respite from all of the retail therapy going down with a Chambord and champagne or three, this year they also had leading fashion photographer Fabio Affuso in attendance to show you how to shine in photos. Bloggers and non-bloggers alike know it’s not that easy to pose in front of a camera, so naturally, I jumped at the chance to pop down to the Chambord Platinum Club Lounge, hang out with Fabio and learn all about how to pose like a top model.

I thought I’d feel a bit self-conscious but Fabio was so lovely, giving me some great direction on how to pose and work the angles of my face. Clearly not a professional, I couldn’t help but giggle in between shots but Fabio was great. Although you should always work with your setting and outfit, he gave me some great tips to share with you guys:
1. The most important thing is to relax and feel good about yourself.  If you feel fabulous you will look fabulous too!

2. Everyone feels most comfortable with one side of their face, and most likely that is their better side.  Discover your best side and make it shine!

3. Light is a very important aspect. Position yourself so that the light shapes your face and highlights your best side.

4. Some people love to pucker their lips and brows, but don't overdo it.  It can look good with some faces, however if you do it all the time soon your pictures will look all the same.

5. The best models are the ones who can offer different expressions and emotions through their facial and body language. Try to offer to the camera something different all the time; don't get locked in one expression.

6. Remember to have fun!

Thank you to Fabio and Chambord for a lovely afternoon! 

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