Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Medwinds denim dress

I'm starting to think that fashion can be unnecessarily complicated just for the sake of being complex. A quick glance to my wardrobe and it's a complete mish mash of florals, brights, sheer, sequins, stripes, metallic, lace all side by side like a little jumble sale. Nice pieces, but they can all be described as focal points for an outfit which isn't good as they all fight for your attention! I do have lots of nice basic tees and vests but that's as far as I go with simple pieces. I was really excited to receive a plain, simple denim dress from Medwinds, who specialise in great quality basic pieces. Being simple, it's such a versatile piece - I've worn it dressed down with flats, a little more dressed up for work and could imagine it with some killer heels for a night out.

This is how I wore it to work a couple of days ago. Sadly it's a little chilly to go tight-less so I paired it with some lace tights and one of my favourite pair of shoes. They're actually about four years old from New Look, another old-is-gold wardrobe piece. I've worn them to death which proves that low prices don't always mean low quality. The colour is great but what really drew me to them was the heel, in the four years since I've bought them I've never found a similar pair on the high street. The finishing touch for the outfit is a silk scarf from Argentina, a lovely gift from my dear friend Mariana who writes for Sketchbook magazine. I'm warming to the idea of scarves, especially when I've got a really simple outfit like this on they really add personality and a quirky little touch. 

Thanks again to Susie from Take Out In Couture who patiently took these pictures for me. 

Dress - Courtesy of Medwinds
Tights - New Look
Shoes - New Look
Scarf - gift
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