Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London riots

I’m beyond saddened for London right now. It’s my city, your city but its been torn to shreds for the past four days by mindless vandals and looters. The things that I’ve seen and heard have been horrendous; cars, buildings and people’s livelihood burning to the ground, thugs stealing from an injured and bleeding boy, a five-generation family business going up in smoke. It’s so senseless; there is destruction and carnage everywhere. It’s the most widespread mass mob violence for decades, worse than the Brixton riots – and that’s been quoted by people who were there.

The police have my utmost respect for doing all they can. And I do believe they are doing everything within their power, with limited resources and backing from people who have the authority to sanction taking a harder line with the looters. It’s an incredibly difficult job, especially with copycat looting popping up all across the city. How can you be everywhere at once?

But through all the negativity, there have been some positive glimmers which show London’s true spirit. I salute the Turkish men who protected Dalston and the Asian lads who protected Green Street. Not condoning vigilantism, but you need to protect your communities. The ‘riot clean up’ project has been amazing, so many people giving up their time for our city. I’ve followed on Twitter as they’ve progressed from Chalk Farm to Clapham via Hackney to restore order on the streets. Please get involved, follow on Twitter, Facebook or the website.

I’m hoping for a peaceful afternoon and evening in London tonight. Please stay safe, use the Google map of riot areas to check what is going on around you. Tottenham Green Leisure Centre is taking donations for the homeless and needy, please donate what you can. If you know me and are local-ish to me, get in touch as I’ll be collecting donations and dropping them off if you can’t make it down. Stay safe x

* Images from Boston.com
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