Friday, 20 May 2011

Hailee Steinfeld announced as the new face of Miu Miu

This week, Miu Miu announced that the impossibly stylish Hailee Steinfeld will be their new campaign model for next season. This is hardly surprising as the 14 year old star has been seen rocking a lot of Miu Miu and rumours that she is collaborating with the brand started circulating when she was seen FROW at fashion week. I'm not sure how I feel about the news, she does look fantastic and girls do start modelling from her age but it also feels a little wrong. The first outfit is a bit more fun but I think the second and third are a bit too grown up and polished for a 14 year old. I'm an advocate of kids being kids and having a childhood, children these days are under a fair bit of pressure to grow up too quickly, and I think that seeing their peer dressed in strappy heels and sheer blouses might affect impressionable young teenagers. The (potential) overreacting aside, the appointment could potentially serve to alienate some of Miu Miu's audience who are more used to the likes of Katie Holmes, Vanessa Paradis and Kirsten Dunst fronting the brand's campaigns. What do you think? 

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