Monday, 4 April 2011

Lulu Guinness AW11 press day

Gosh, last week was a manic blur of press days! I felt like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, albeit with 4" heels on my feet and a Starbucks in my hand! The Lulu Guinness press day felt like an oasis of calm in the midst of very turbulent times. Held at the plush Saville Club, the venue really set the tone for a luxe collection full to the brim of gorgeous little details to fawn over.

The bag shape of the season was the gorgeous bow bags, below. The stud one is the hero bag of the season, the little studs are a lovely touch to toughen up the pretty bow. I also liked the rose print version. 

The Lulu Guinness boutique bags and doll face bags were also updated for the season. I love the doll face ones, she is just so adorable and chic at the same time. Next season, she has a little Parisian twist with the cropped red hair and kohl eyes.

I adore the iconic lips clutches. I want one. Or two. Or maybe one for every day of the week?? The Swarovski crystal pink lips are my favourite this time around, though I was pretty taken with the black stud version too. Perfect for those days you want to stomp around in all black with some killer heels on. 

The bags below were a new addition this season, I loved the lips shape quilted leather detail, how adorable? My laptop is literally crying out for the larger bag so be it's new home. 

Another iconic Lulu Guinness favourite are the fan bags, like the lips clutches they are also a red carpet favourite...and for good reason. My favourite is the one below with the gorgeous sweetie tin jewels, my inner magpie honed in on it straight away. 

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