Wednesday, 2 March 2011

London Fashion Week - Ashish AW11

Phew, the last show of the season - Ashish. And what a way to end, his shows are always an upbeat explosion of sequins. For next season, he is inspired by numerous sources including Scottish tartan, London punks and poor little rich girls.According to the press release (which was one of the best this season), the Ashish collection is 'as Scottish as a box of shortbread yet as British as the Union Jack). With details like threadbare denim, holey knits and clothes held together by safety pins, Ashish's glam-grunge, poor-punk collection is meshes opposites perfectly. I'm not so keen on the sequined tartan but I loved the knitwear, skeleton pants, plaid, distressed denim and cute knee cobwebs. 

Huge thanks to Vitaminwater once again for the ticket to the show and keeping me hydrated during LFW.  



  1. I would love plaid sequins! Always love to look at his stuff.

  2. Spiderwebs on the knees, love it! although always thought spiderweb markings had references to how long you had been in Jail ha ha!

  3. Wow I love this collection. Probably my favourite that I've seen so far. I love the spider web knees!

  4. loved it!
    this collection made me wanna be in high school again/// great post, stay cool...


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