Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Medwinds launch

Medwinds, the Barcelona-based fashion company, launched their website a couple of days ago. They're pretty much the polar opposite of the last website I wrote about, beautifully tailored wardrobe staples rather than sculptural statement pieces from Stud and Stud. The company itself is incredibly honest and humble, simply offering Mediterranean style wardrobe essentials at good prices, no fuss no muss. The collection has three mini collections - Week, Weekend and Night - to make it mega easy to find what you're looking for.

Week - simple, contemporary basics

For women:shirts, t-shirts, woollen jackets, tricot, shorts, dresses and
For men: shirts, t-shirts, jerseys and shoes.
Weekend - Basic staples in figure flattering cuts

For women: T-shirts, casual shirts, shorts, bikinis and shoes.
For men: T-shirts, casual shirts, jeans, short trousers, swimming trunks
and shoes.
Going out - Sophisticated fabrics and more fashion-led pieces

For women: Shirts and dresses
For men: Shirts and jeans

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