Monday, 21 February 2011

London Fashion Week - Jena Theo AW11

The next stop on my super hectic first day was Jena Theo at the new On/Off venue – Mercer Street Studios. While it was much closer than the previous venue at Victoria House, I don’t think it had the same capacity which resulted in a bit of a scrum outside and a squeeze inside. While it may not be pleasant outside, it results in a buzz of anticipation inside. I’ve been going to Jena Theo’s shows for a couple of seasons now and adore the voluminous shapes, slouchy layers and opulent fabrics which lend themselves well to their soft silhouettes. However, the punchy, pulsing music and lasers before the show set the tone for a collection that was slightly harder, more rock than previous shows.

Black was definitely the new black, though there was a sprinkling in whites and neutrals to prevent a completely mundane black out collection. All of the Jena Theo signatures were there making this an instantly covetable collection but there were a few surprises punctuating the collection – most notably the huge denim duvet coat. It was a bit controversial, people either loves it or hated it. My thoughts? Well, it may not be overly practical but I loved it, statement coats are definitely necessary in a cold, snowy London. The collection as a whole had a few critics, but I’m a fan. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a certain aesthetic. The beautiful billowing silhouettes and luxe fabrics make for beautiful collections season after season. London fashion doesn’t have to be controversial and ‘out there’, simple, understated collections have a more lasting impact.

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