Monday, 31 January 2011

In search of Jeffrey Campbells....

If you've read my post on Office-gate, you'll know that I fell head over heels for an out of this world pair of wedges from Jeffrey Campbell. I wasn't about to let the failings of Office get in the way of owning those gorgeous leopard print beauties so I scoured the internet high and low for them, to no avail as they seemed to be sold out pretty much everywhere even in black. My last resort was to email Jeffrey Campbell themselves, I spoke to the lovely Francisco and then Sharon in the US but they were completely sold out, everywhere, forever.

Like a typical female, I want them even more now that I know I can't have them. I spend most of today searching for an alternative but there's nothing as amazing as my Xanadus. I did find Karmaloop which has a good selection of Jeffrey Campbells (including an exclusive colour of the beige lace ups) AND they ship to the UK! These are my favourites from the site, though I can't tell whether I love or hate the fringed ones!

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