Monday, 10 January 2011

Break the rules

The jumper I'm wearing is three sizes too big and the skirt is actually supposed to be a slip. Sometimes, you need to break the rules. Wear a top as a dress, a dress as a top, underwear as outerwear, a nightie as a dress and shop without checking sizes. I love that fashion is so flexible, any 'rule' can be bent or flexed at your whim. 

Both of these were sale steals from River Island. It's not often I wear 80% of an outfit from the same place but the jumper and slip/skirt seemed like the perfect contrasting pieces. The soft fluffy jumper really tones down the potential overly sexy skirt. I'm sure I've snapped the platform wedges before, the camel tone was perfect with the leopard print slip and the outfit needed a little edge. Apologies for the messy bedhead, I've been in bed most of the weekend with a terrible cold! Next outfit pics will be a lot more polished. 

Jumper - River Island, slip - River Island, tights - New Look, wedges - Topshop, ring - Yves Saint Laurent



  1. I just love the way it mis-matches but works perfectly!!!! Im all about the underwear as outerwear trend!

    You look HAWT (as always)


  2. Some rules were made to be broken, you look great!

  3. I love breaking the rules! especially by clashing/ mismatching and wearing colours that shouldn't go. I have an old evening dress that I have started wearing in the day with a jumper, all because I was too mean to go out and buy a maxi skirt.

    Love your skirt, I would never have guessed it was a slip, it works really well with this outfit.

  4. Well breaking the rules has certainly worked for you here - you look great! xx

  5. i love what u did here, very creative and doesnt take a genious its individuality i love it!!

  6. Your shoes are amazingly insane! I love them! x

  7. Love the outfit, and I totally agree about rule breaking. The most creative people are rule breakers!


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