Sunday, 9 January 2011

All hail Emmanuelle Alt!

Following Carine Roitfeld's shock announcement last month that she is leaving Vogue Paris after almost a decade at the helm, there has been much speculation about who will try and fill her shoes. On Friday, her successor was announced - fashion editor Emmanuelle Alt. Emmanuelle actually started at Vogue just before Carine and is credited with styling some of the magazine's most amazing editorials. Although French Vogue has been phenomenally successful over the past decade both in terms of circulation and ad sales, I think it's exciting that someone else is taking the helm.

As well as working at Vogue, she also freelances as a fashion stylist and previously worked for French Elle and freelanced at several other magazines. Although she earns a living styling others, like Carine, Emmanuelle has become a street style favourite. Her uniform of skin tight jeans or leather trousers, t-shirts and sculpted blazers is as iconic as Carine's super sexy look. 

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