Friday, 12 November 2010

Style icon:Jameela Jamil

When the entire world fell in love with Alexa Chung, T4 had a bit of a problem. How to replace the new nation's sweetheart, Alexa has preeeetty big shoes to fill. They struck gold with Jameela Jamil, not only is she adorable, she has a killer wardrobe and dress sense. It would be so easy for her to be labelled and put into a box as Alexa mark II but thankfully she lets her own personality and style shine though. 

Her retro, girly grunge has earned her an army of fashion fans, especially since her style is all real - Jameela does not believe in having a stylist. Her signature style includes feminine touches like floral girly dresses and ruffles with a dressed down glam grunge twist. She likes sticking to neutral, classic colours but the odd splash of red looks absolutely stunning on her. 

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