Monday, 15 November 2010

Jasper Garvida to the rescue!

Last week I had a problem. I was invited to a very fancy black tie charity dinner. The problem is I'm not really the ballgown/fancy dress type, I'm more at home in well, anything but a fancy dress! I checked out all the usual hotspots - Asos, Topshop, Zara et al but they all failed me. Thankfully one of my favourite UK designers came to the rescue! A couple of emails and a trip to see Hannah at his PR company and I had the most stunning dress from Jasper Garvida. I fell in love with the huge sequins, huge shoulders and the contrast between the shiny, hard top half and soft, fluttery pale pink chiffon and silk. I honestly felt like Cinderella that night. 

It wouldn't be Fashion Daydreams outfit if there wasn't any high-street in it. The dress is obviously from Jasper Garvida, the skinny gold belt is H&M, the bag is M&S and the fur jacket is from Zara. 
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