Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Style icon:Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

The ongoing Anna Wintour vs. Carine Roitfeld debate is almost too close to call. Yes, Carine is undeniably cool but Anna has a phenomenal career and influence within fashion. There are far too many points to go into with this one. One debate which is much easier to settle is Bee Shaffer vs. Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. What they wear and their style will be scrutinised whether they pursue a career in fashion or not. Don't feel too sorry for them though, they literally have their pick of designers at their fingertips. 

Bee is absolutely stunning and seems like a very down-to-Earth woman but her style just doesn't do anything for me. I also didn't like her comments about fashion on The September Issue. In the above picture, she's wearing a Nina Ricci gown, so beautiful but why pair it with those dull black shoes?! Julia manages to look chic, edgy and understated all at the same time, talk about multi-tasking. Her style is just effortless and nonchalant, grown up yet sexy. 

On her style growing up: My mother is a more daring dresser but I’ve started to catch up. That said, it’s relative and I’ve always been a bit rebellious. As an eight-year-old, I’d wear black PVC trousers to school, something that was unheard of for students my age who dressed in that bon chic, bon genre grey way, all navy, white or black and there was me with the shiny trousers. 

On fashion as art: I’m really impressed by the power of the fashion industry. Some people think that clothes are just things that you wear to cover yourself but I’m blown away because clothes to me are a sort of new pop art. Clothes can be either art or design but need a real purpose. That said, I don’t shop that much. I might buy a bit of Marc by Marc Jacobs because he makes great day to evening dresses, or I go for some vintage at Resurrection in NoLita. When I’m in Paris, though, aside from the odd trip to Miu Miu or Prada, I’d prefer to go to a sex shop in Pigalle for a miniskirt. And of course I also get to raid my mother’s wardrobe because she is incredibly generous.

On rivalry with Bee: The talk of rivalry between myself and Anna Wintour’s daughter, Bee Schaffer, is just silly. I’m about ten years older than her for a start, and we have a completely different circle of friends. Why would you expect us to hang out together? Then there’s this whole fashion dynasty thing that gets reported on a lot in gossip columns about so-and-so snubbing each other. I’ve known Margherita Missoni for a long time and we have the same international group of friends and go to the same places. Is that so strange? 

Actually...a more fitting debate might be Julia vs. Margherita! 
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